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Hope's Welcoming Statement

Hope strives to be a safe haven for God's unconditional love.  Every person is invited and encouraged to participate in all Hope activities and roles, including membership and leadership.  In this world most human conflict and separation are caused by differences, like ethnicity, gender, sexual orientation, economic status, political positions and more. Hope embraces diversity and welcomes all who come through our doors, without exception.


Hope's Happenings

To Those Who Sing of Hope,
The Book of Genesis (with her sister the Book of Revelation) has been of the
most controversial or conflict laden books in the Bible.  Why?  Because
people desired to read certain things to support their world view in them,
and to change the understanding of how to read these books was to threaten
their world view (For Genesis a literal record of history dating the earth
to about 6,000 years old, for Revelation a literal understanding of the date
of Christ's return).  However, the Scriptures are "prisms" for our
well-being, and we are shocked when God can speak to us in them in many
varied circumstances.  This summer I will be preaching through the book of
Genesis (one of my favorites) and keeping a keen eye on the relationship of
"all creatures here below.".  Does God care about animals?  The snake?  The
dirt?  The dove?  How are we to see our relationship to our "friends along
the journey" in the created order that surrounds us?  Genesis has
interesting and provocative answers for questions such as these I have
found.  This Sunday we will start, as we should, at the beginning...."When
God said"....  I hope in your journeys to and fro and rest and recovery
this summer, you find time for the community Christ gives us in each other.
Hope to see you!  All Are Welcome!
I will be sharing a song I wrote this Sunday at the Welcome that I think has
a little to do with our relationship with animals and the images often times
that we go to when trying to think through hard issues.  Through the miracle
of technology I share it here with you so you might learn to "sing along"
even before we gather :)

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All Are Welcome Always!!


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