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Hope's Welcoming Statement

Hope strives to be a safe haven for God's unconditional love.  Every person is invited and encouraged to participate in all Hope activities and roles, including membership and leadership.  In this world most human conflict and separation are caused by differences, like ethnicity, gender, sexual orientation, economic status, political positions and more. Hope embraces diversity and welcomes all who come through our doors, without exception.

Hope's Happenings

To those who Walk in Hope,
I once sat in a Jewish colleague's office a few years ago, exhausted, and explained (whined?) how I felt overwhelmed by much of the work I was doing at the time. I was being asked to do things I no longer had time for, and my work had been extended far beyond what was said up front.  In good Jewish fashion, she gave me sympathy by assessing my situation: "It sounds like you need an Elisha," she said.  I sat there and thought...."I am nowhere close to seeing an Elisha in my sight"....but I never forgot her words. This Sunday we will be visiting with the story of Elijah's "calling" in 1 Kings 19:12-23… It’s a very short story, but a powerful one, that the Gospels and Jesus show awareness of..  
We will also be visited by Jane Charney, a Jewish friend of Hope, who visited with us almost a year ago.  She works at the Jewish Federation of Chicago regarding domestic affairs, but more importantly she is a mother of two; a sharp, articulate woman; a person who seeks to find a way to express her religious commitments (Judaism) in a changing world; and someone who has been a faithful friend for many years.  She will be helping in different ways during our Gathering; I am looking forward to this immensely.   As Christians have been called, "Guests in the House of Israel."  We will have "A child of Israel in the Halls of the Church" this Sunday... In our day we are called into each other's sacred spaces for the sake of a common future... We will seek Hope together by this sign.
Go find your light blue "Hope is Food" t-shirts, as we remember our commitment to the People's Resource Center by wearing them together this Sunday!
See you Sunday,
Pastor Jay


 All Are Welcome!!


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