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Hope's Happenings

Join us at Hope Presbyterian Church, Wheaton for worship service every Sunday at 10:00 am.  Come and meet our new pastor, Pastor Jay Moses.  

To Those Who Gather in Hope:

One can talk about the Jewish people, and then one can talk about the symbol of the Jewish people; the Star of David.  What comes to your mind when you see this symbol?  Resiliency and Continuity often come to mine. For a long time Christianity regarded the Jews as related to God in something like a contract.  As we all can relate with,  in our modern world, contracts can expire (like my Home Depot warrantee for my broken Lawn Mower.)  Contracts can also be broken from either side (as Pizza Hut did with me regarding my employment in High School…a long tragic story.)

Our text for this week, talks about God's covenant with David and his lineage.  How we understand the concept of covenant is foundational for us as well. Covenant is Theology 101 for Presbyterians, and it is the Crux of the matter for us this Sunday as we gather in Hope.  

See you in Worship!

Pastor Jay Moses


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