We are a small, strong congregation guided by the example of Jesus Christ, dedicated to feeding the hungry, while seeking long term solutions to hunger and its related effects.This ministry is organized around the three imperatives, offered by the prophet Micah, for the worship and work of the local faith community--"to do justice, and to love kindness and to walk humbly with your God" (Micah 6:8). Hope Church is a mission oriented congregation that offers our members many opportunities to become actively involved in the congregation’s local and world missions. Ten percent of our annual budget is donated to mission and outreach programs.

Hope’s Ongoing Mission and Outreach Programs:

Hope's Members are Compassionate


The motto on the blue T shirts Hopers wear, is a symbol of

Hope Presbyterian Church’s mission:  FEEDING THE HUNGRY.

People's Resource Center, Wheaton (PRC)

 For several years the PRC in downtown Wheaton wanted to open their food pantry one evening a week, making it available to the working poor of DuPage County.  After learning of this need from the staff of the PRC, Hope Church agreed to fill all the volunteer spots on Wednesday evenings.  Our partnership with the PRC began in July of 2007 and continues today.

In addition to Wednesday evenings, Hope also helps the PRC with their December "Share the Spirit" program.  Donations to our annual Succoth Booth food drive and proceeds from Hope's annual "Super Bowl Bake Sale" are donated to the PRC. 

For more information on the PRC go to www.peoplessrc.org.

PRC Crew, October, 2017



Little Red Truck Ministry

          The little red truck ministry was born out of a need for diapers for the People’s Resource Center (PRC) at the beginning of the COVID pandemic in 2019.  At the request of the community and the people of Hope Presbyterian Church, the ministry continues today.  Each month on a Saturday morning from 10:00-12:00, the little red pickup truck is parked in the church’s parking lot.  People literally drive thru and drop off their donation.  Because we are in communication with the PRC, they determine what we are collecting that month.  We have sponsored all different kinds of drive thrus: variety of canned goods; peanut butter and jelly; baby, children’s and adult diapers; school supplies; personal care and feminine hygiene products; variety of cleaning products.   Each month the bed of the little red truck is full!  When the donations are delivered to the PRC, they are always in awe and so appreciative of the generosity of the community. 













Hope Presbyterian Church, Chicago

Almost 30 years ago Hope Wheaton partnered with Rev. Leslie Sanders and Hope Presbyterian Chicago in Englewood. Over the years our two congregations have formed close friendships.  Hope Wheaton travels to Hope Chicago to worship and deliver school supplies, technology, winter coats, hats and mittens. These are donated to the children of Hope Chicago as well as supplementing their Youth Covenant which provides educational camps for kids in the summer.  Hope Chicago travels to Wheaton several times to worship and for activities such as our annual August picnic and softball game, line dancing and our annual Song Fest. This relationship has become most valuable in our ongoing efforts to dismantle racism and uncover the disparities between our cultures.


      Rev. Leslie Sanders  

    Serving the Hungry at Hope Chicago








Bread for the World 

The Bread for the World Institute seeks justice for hungry people around the world by engaging in research and education on policies related to hunger and development.

As part of our mission to end hunger members of Hope write individual, personal letters to the President, their Representatives and their Senators, urging action to address hunger in the United States and worldwide.  In the past the letter writing program supported the Earned Income Tax Credit legislation as a way to help low-income workers move out of poverty.  The measure was adopted and now is law.  For more information on Bread for the World go to www.bread.org.



Hope in Action Abroad

La Fernanda Church, Havana, Cuba

Since 2012 Hope Wheaton has sent three mission teams to Havana, Cuba to spend time with our sister church, La Fernanda, and to help with local mission projects.  La Fernanda's Pastor Padin (shown below) and his wife, Dania, have travelled to Wheaton three times.  Our two congregations have also exchanged banners for our sanctuaries.  Hope helps provide financial and spiritual aid to La Fernanda.








Ojibwe Outreach- Bad River Reservation

Hope Presbyterian supports Pastor Michaeljon Rezler and the Ojibwe Outreach where he focuses on Native/Christian dialogue. Michaeljon visits Wheaton and preaches and advises on issues of the environment (Faith in Place) and receives our members at the reservation near Lake Superior in Wisconsin.


Turkish American Society

Hope Wheaton Supports the Turkish American Society as it serves the Turkish-Americans in the area to better integrate into society. The TAS also exists to introduce the Turkish Culture to the community by cultivating  friendships and promoting a better understanding of diverse cultures through dialogue and exchange of information. The association works to strengthen intercultural community and ensure a positive experience for those who are willing to participate in cross cultural activities. 


These local non-profit organizations receive financial assistance from Hope Church

Central DuPage Pastoral Counseling Center

Hope Wheaton helps to financially support Central DuPage Pastoral Counseling Center which welcomes everyone, inspires hope, and facilitates healing. Skilled, licensed therapists apply the perspectives of psychology, physiology, spirituality, and culture in providing integrated therapeutic care and educational services founded in Christian traditions. For more information: www.cdpcc.org


Outreach Community Ministries (OCM)

Outreach Community Ministries strives to put Christian faith into responsible action by calling local churches into partnership for the benefit of local people in need. Shelter care, counseling, crisis intervention services, community development, education, tutoring, mentoring, after-school programs, and youth clubs are available. For more information: www.outreachcommunityministries.org

Churches United for Hardship Assistance (CUHA)

Churches United for Hardship Assistance (CUHA) is an organization made up of member churches within the Wheaton area to provide assistance to individuals and families who visit churches looking for help.  People referred to CUHA are assigned a personal case worker at Wheaton Youth Outreach.  Needs are assessed and resources are found through various community agencies.

Warrenville Youth & Family Services (WYFS)

Warrenvill Youth and Family Services (WYFS) is a multi-purpose community service agency, serving resisdents of the greater Warrenville area since 1984. With a goal of providing residents the opportunity to become all that God intends them to be. WYFS staff are professionally trained to minister to each person's physical, social and spiritual needs. Services are availablee without preference to all people and, where fees apply, based on one's ability to pay. 

Public Action to Deliver Shelter (P.A.D.S.)

DuPage P.A.D.S. provides safe and hospitable shelter, support services, and advocacy for homeless people in collaboration with religious and community groups in DuPage County. For more information: www.dupagepads.org

Presbyterian Mission - Shared Mission Giving

Shared Mission Giving provides training events for New Church Development pastors, leadership teams, and coaches. It works to identify and build leaders of every race and gender. Shared Mission Giving provides resources for training in biblical interpretation for all ages. It also translates educational and liturgical materials into Korean, Spanish, Portuguese, and Braille.